6th to 12th Grade Students Welcome!

 COR meets every other Wednesday evening from 6-8 PM at the church building.

about COR

COR is the name we give the combined group of middle school and high school students at Life Church. Many of the discussions we have in COR are aimed at helping students think through their faith in Jesus and eventually own it for themselves. We place a high value on authenticity and there is a freedom to ask questions and wrestle with the more difficult aspects of what it means to follow Christ. Additionally, our hope is to plug students into opportunities outside of COR that give them a chance to practice and experience life as a Christian. Our goal at COR is twofold. First, we desire that our students who are confessing faith in Christ would be loved, encouraged, equipped, and empowered to follow Jesus and make disciples. Second, we pray that the students who are not yet ready to make that commitment to Christ would feel safe to be honest about that and be loved and accepted all the same. We pray that all students would experience the love of Jesus every time we gather and leave COR with a clear picture of what it looks like to follow Jesus.

COR currently meets at the church building every other Wednesday. Check the calendar here.

If you are interested in volunteering with our COR students, contact Chris K at