our mission

We glorify Jesus Christ by making disciples in our neighborhood and beyond!


Life Church will be a medium-sized, diverse church in an expanded multi-purpose facility filled with equipped leaders who work as a team to make sure each person in the church is being discipled. 

Growth and Development Team: A group of members that seek to answer the question: What is necessary for Life Church to grow?

Life Church will have an intentional presence in the community meeting needs through a well-researched plan which partners with other Christian agencies, onsite counselors, and trained leaders to give holistic care that contributes to the flourishing of the neighborhood, thereby demonstrating the gospel in action. 

Community Outreach Team: A group of members that research, imagine, and develop opportunities for bringing the gospel into our community. 

Life Church will have quarterly opportunities for short-term missions in tandem with fully supported mid- and long-term missionaries on the field. Both of these efforts will be supported by robust prayer and strategic partnerships, which will contribute to greater accountability, health, and sustainability. 

Global Missions Team: A group of members that assess current missions efforts, create a sending process, and mobilize Life Church to strategic deployment of resources around the world.

Life Church will be experiencing maturation of its members on account of a continuum of discipleship, from infant to adult, from spiritual newborn to spiritual grandparent, all growing in love for God as they fulfill the Great Commission as lifelong disciples.

Discipleship Team: A group of members who give oversight to the on-going discipleship process in Life Church.